Kudos to Sushy for doing such a great job with this strip. Six panel stories are difficult to lay out and do present a lot of work for her. I especially like how she did the bottom left panel. “Manager!”


I certainly agree with Cally in the strip here, I should have used more honey, less vinegar.

I honestly just hate being lied to just so someone can make some extra money. As a result, I lost my temper when I should have been more understanding and kind.

Strangely enough, the old printer she had outlasted the one we replaced by nine years. She’s extremely happy with her new Canon Pixma now.

Also, My advice? Don’t buy the extended warranty at any big box electronics store, unless it is an incredibly expensive item, like a new TV set. Make sure that the extended warranty covers in writing what they will and won’t cover. (ie. Number of dead pixels, etc.)