Qualin is a somewhat stressed out anthropomorphic raccoon with your typical black and grey markings and fluffy striped tail. Slightly pudgy, he struggles a little with his weight, eating anything with more than two legs. He works as an “IT Guy” and fixes anything that comes out of socket, getting constant calls for technical support from his family and friends.

Qualin is well known for his “SQS” or “Stuff Qualin Says” and it sometimes gets him into trouble since he isn’t the most socially adept character.

His darker side is a black dragon and he’ll shapeshift into it when he’s very angry or extremely stressed out. This rarely happens though.

His hobbies include cars, building computers and coffee. Lots of coffee.


Qualin’s loving and understanding wife. Cally is an anthropomorphic wolf mouse. (Not a hybrid wolf mouse, but an actual wolf mouse!)

She’s a very squeaky lady but can howl when she wants to and never hesitates to let Qualin know about it when she gets overly stressed out or frustrated.
In certain circumstances, she’ll shapeshift into a pony and stay that way for a while, depending on her mood,

She’s got brown fur with white patches and looks like your typical anthro wolf mouse.

She’s the artist and crafty type. She loves reading books, watching movies and doing artsy things.


Profile Picture of Cat


Cat is a good friend of both Qualin and Cally. Cat is a typical garden variety anthropomorphic timber wolf with the typical wolf fur markings. His good nature fills the room and definitely shows with this strangely named Wolf. His name comes about because he likes cats and doesn’t chase them. In fact he has one as a pet!

He’s about 5′ 11″ and is a bit muscular. He likes to run and work out a bit, but he’s a huge gaming geek and loves to play board games.


Muffin is a very entitled feral cockatiel. He hates Qualin with a passion and lets him know about it with his loud scrowling. He thinks he’s entitled to everything in the house made out of carbohydrates and sees himself as the direct competitor to Cally as the alpha male in the house, but Qualin lets him know otherwise. Muffin (Who deserved this name) hates Feisty and tolerates him as long as he stays out of his way. However, watch out if he gets too close! Sometimes Muffin does whatever he can to get Qualin into trouble in front of Cally by “framing” him and delighting in watching Cally yell at him as a result.

Muffin is your typical yellow male cockatiel. Which means that he also loves the ladies. Any lady.

Muffin’s hobby is destroying things, eating things and complaining that he isn’t let out of his cage long enough.