The person Cally meets in this comic strip and “kidnaps” is Sushy! Cally mistakes Sushy as a Dane, but she’s actually Dutch. Fortunately, no actual Dutch (Or Sushies) were harmed in the making of this strip.

One thing that is rarely discussed in anthro comic strips is the idea of predation, where carnivores kidnap and eat other anthros. I just want to let everyone know that in this “universe” I’ve created, predation doesn’t exist. When anthros want to eat meat, they’ll eat it from non-anthro animals, which exist because not everything is anthro. So, if you happen to see Qualin or Cally eating chicken or a steak, don’t worry, it didn’t come from anything sentient.

I’d like to thank Sushy for her willingness to play along and for her good sense of humor.