The Phfanntastic Pannenkoek Hause is a restaurant located in Calgary, Alberta which specializes in Dutch cuisine. Since our webcomic artist is from the Netherlands, it only seems appropriate that she stars in a Cameo! (She’s our waitress in this comic.)

Cally didn’t know that “Drie Dubbel Zoute Drop” means “Triple Salt Licorice” in Dutch. When she gagged on it, she made the most hilarious noises. The poor waitress thought she was choking on it and thought it was really inconsiderate of me to be laughing about it.

Since then, Cally is afraid to try Dutch Licorice. I absolutely love it, but only prefer single salt or sweet, depending on my mood.

If you are ever in Calgary, stop by this wonderful restaurant and order both a savory and sweet Pannenkoek, I guarantee you’ll love it.